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Be A Trademark Photographer

Every successful photographer/artist develops an identifiable style or trademark. Sometimes an inadvertent slip of the hand or the special recognition of an artistic component defines the work of the artist. Among them are paintings with butterflies, slender stick figures and the blending of two or more elements in a work of art. Oil paint artists have been using this effect for years with great success. Examples of this technique are: a sad but beautiful oriental face superimposed over falling leaves of autumn, your favorite petís face peering out of the rough tree bark, and a little girl reading a book in a window seat with images of fantasy swirling above her head.

Most photo enhancement toolboxes contain a new brush called a clone or rubber-stamp tool. It makes possible the transfer of any object to another image in any degree of transparency. Double exposures have been a favorite method of photographers for years, but the difficulty of positioning and blending place the technique beyond most photographers.

The skills of composite or collage construction are useful when attempting a multiple exposure. The benefits of this blending include: a graphic reminder of special relationships, an enhancement of the subtler shades of meaning, a new way to look at the world, and a story-like progression of ideas.

In simple terms, place two photographs side by side on your screen. Match the size to each other. Set the transparency at a low figure, say three or five percent. Size the brush fairly large, say 200 pixels. Center the source button on the picture to be transferred and working from the center in a circular motion, transfering the object to the base photograph. Several tries may be needed in order to produce the exact effect. Adjustments in size, color, transparency, sharpness and intrusion of elements all play a part in your new creation. An alternative method is to rend the image to be transferred into an object and move this over the original picture, positioning it and adjusting the transparency for best effect.

Donít forget to sign your piece. You may sign each piece by hand or browse through the available fonts for a similar writing font to your own. Computers have brought into our lives a wonderful new diversity of art for us to explore and share with the world. Happy creating!

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